Friday, 23 March 2012

Face makeup making tools

avoiding foundation line: The water secret: Moisten fingertips and blend makeup along the jaw line so there is no demarcation line. Make sure the shade is also as close to natural skin tone as possible.
cleansing: Wash face with warm water, but not so hot that it's uncomfortable or reddens the face, and not too cool. Lukewarm water helps soap dissolve dirt and oil. Use hands to massage soap on, rinse and pat dry with towel.

darker skin tone tips: Colours can often look washed out on darker skin tones. Choose colours rich in pigment and depth with less talc, to prevent colour fade and ashiness.

exfoliation: Looks-renewal process that helps skin shed its top layer of dead, dry flakes. Improves the look and feel of every skin. Unclogs pores. Makes skin more receptive to moisturizer. Exfoliation can be chemical using salicylic acid or manual such as grainy scrubs. Different types perform different functions.

facial lines: Different facial expressions cause different lines to become more noticeable. A turnaround cream right for your skin type helps to minimize their appearance. Anti-aging cream works to prevent past damage from the sun become visible. Keep in mind that today's frown, pursed lips, furrowed brow will show up as tomorrow brow and lip lines. Relax and your face relaxes with you.

foundation: Makeup bases come in many formulas and shades. Choose one that suits your skin type (oily or dry), gives the amount of coverage you want (opaque or sheer), provides the finish you prefer (dewy, matte, or iridescent), and offers options like waterproof, SPF, etc. The shade should closely match your skin tone. Best test area? Near the jawline.

large pores: Minimize enlarged pores and shine with scrupulously clean skin, oil-combating foundations, and perfect powder finish. Try some pore-minimizer and also try some clear skin formula. Quick tip: If oil surfaces during the day, blot the area with a tissue, re-dust with powder.

makeup removal: Always remove makeup and physical sunscreens with a specially designed makeup cleanser before washing with facial soap. Washing without removing makeup first is like taking a shower with your clothes on. Soap is designed to clean skin--if it has to work through makeup it can't do its job as effectively.

natural makeup: Subtle looks-enhancement. Using the thinnest layers of each: Hide flaws with concealer. Dot on foundation and blend up and out to ears, hairline, just under jawline. (Moisten fingertips for extra slip.) Fluff blusher over cheekbones, out to hairline. Finish with a powder rubdown. Lips get a deeper-than-lip-colour shade of pencil and gloss. Eyes, shadowed in subtle shades of neutral. Note: Natural does not mean naked.

one minute makeup touchup: Keep sheer powder blusher, long lasting lipstick, and the pressed powder in your desk drawer, purse, or makeup bag so you can put your best face forward in a flash.

photo/video makeup: Tawny makeup shades won't fade or go blue in flash photography. Avoid shimmer.

makeup base wear: Always use the right formulation for your skin condition, and keep skin meticulously clean. Oily skins are particularly prone to makeup meltdown and "orangy" colour change.

powder rubdown: To give face a smooth, matte finish, pour loose blended face powder into palms. Rub hands together lightly and wash powder thoroughly over face. Dust off excess with powder brush.

set makeup: To help makeup to stay on longer. Brush on a layer of powder. Keeps makeup looking cleaner, fresher, longer.

smoking, drinking & skin: Skin pays a "sin tax". Cigarette smoking reduces blood supply to the skin, often making it appear pale and sallow. It can also lead to lip lines, and squint lines around the eyes. Alcohol can dilate capillaries, causing an unwanted ruddiness.

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