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Face makeup making tools

avoiding foundation line: The water secret: Moisten fingertips and blend makeup along the jaw line so there is no demarcation line. Make sure the shade is also as close to natural skin tone as possible.
cleansing: Wash face with warm water, but not so hot that it's uncomfortable or reddens the face, and not too cool. Lukewarm water helps soap dissolve dirt and oil. Use hands to massage soap on, rinse and pat dry with towel.

darker skin tone tips: Colours can often look washed out on darker skin tones. Choose colours rich in pigment and depth with less talc, to prevent colour fade and ashiness.

exfoliation: Looks-renewal process that helps skin shed its top layer of dead, dry flakes. Improves the look and feel of every skin. Unclogs pores. Makes skin more receptive to moisturizer. Exfoliation can be chemical using salicylic acid or manual such as grainy scrubs. Different types perform different functions.

facial lines: Different facial expressions cause different lines to become more noticeable. A turnaround cream right for your skin type helps to minimize their appearance. Anti-aging cream works to prevent past damage from the sun become visible. Keep in mind that today's frown, pursed lips, furrowed brow will show up as tomorrow brow and lip lines. Relax and your face relaxes with you.

foundation: Makeup bases come in many formulas and shades. Choose one that suits your skin type (oily or dry), gives the amount of coverage you want (opaque or sheer), provides the finish you prefer (dewy, matte, or iridescent), and offers options like waterproof, SPF, etc. The shade should closely match your skin tone. Best test area? Near the jawline.

large pores: Minimize enlarged pores and shine with scrupulously clean skin, oil-combating foundations, and perfect powder finish. Try some pore-minimizer and also try some clear skin formula. Quick tip: If oil surfaces during the day, blot the area with a tissue, re-dust with powder.

makeup removal: Always remove makeup and physical sunscreens with a specially designed makeup cleanser before washing with facial soap. Washing without removing makeup first is like taking a shower with your clothes on. Soap is designed to clean skin--if it has to work through makeup it can't do its job as effectively.

natural makeup: Subtle looks-enhancement. Using the thinnest layers of each: Hide flaws with concealer. Dot on foundation and blend up and out to ears, hairline, just under jawline. (Moisten fingertips for extra slip.) Fluff blusher over cheekbones, out to hairline. Finish with a powder rubdown. Lips get a deeper-than-lip-colour shade of pencil and gloss. Eyes, shadowed in subtle shades of neutral. Note: Natural does not mean naked.

one minute makeup touchup: Keep sheer powder blusher, long lasting lipstick, and the pressed powder in your desk drawer, purse, or makeup bag so you can put your best face forward in a flash.

photo/video makeup: Tawny makeup shades won't fade or go blue in flash photography. Avoid shimmer.

makeup base wear: Always use the right formulation for your skin condition, and keep skin meticulously clean. Oily skins are particularly prone to makeup meltdown and "orangy" colour change.

powder rubdown: To give face a smooth, matte finish, pour loose blended face powder into palms. Rub hands together lightly and wash powder thoroughly over face. Dust off excess with powder brush.

set makeup: To help makeup to stay on longer. Brush on a layer of powder. Keeps makeup looking cleaner, fresher, longer.

smoking, drinking & skin: Skin pays a "sin tax". Cigarette smoking reduces blood supply to the skin, often making it appear pale and sallow. It can also lead to lip lines, and squint lines around the eyes. Alcohol can dilate capillaries, causing an unwanted ruddiness.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Makeup Tips for Young Girls

up is not an ordinary job but it is an art which need to be learn and continues practice is required to produce beautiful results. Make up has an ability to show ordinary figures charming as well as it can ruin the original beauty if it is not completed successfully.  Right choice of make up and cosmetic items is the basic requirement which needs an expert eye to judge the quality and color matching issues. Given tips are very much useful and effective to make you beautiful, charm full and sexy.

Shopping Tip

Keep a white sheet of with you while shopping for lip color or eye shadow. You will be able to match colors on the sheet in day light away from artificial lights in a better way.

Perfume Tip

Don’t use heavy application of any fragrance overwhelming people being close to you. You may use two light formulas together for strong effect. Long lasting effect may also be produced by using a scented body cream and spraying lightly the same fragrance perfume.

Oil-Based Make up Removing Tip

Oil-based make up can be removed by just using regular cold cream.

Nail Polish Tip

Apply dark nail varnish down the center part of the nail in order to make your seem more slender. Take care that edge of the sides of nail be protected from it.

Lip Stick Tip

If you have deep grooves on your lips and you feel problem while applying lip stick, apply lip stick vertically in stead of horizontally for desired result.

Mascara Tip

While removing makeup, you may take off any remaining mascara with the help of Q-tips already dipped in a non-oily remover. Run the Q-tip over the eyelashes slightly and wipeout all mascara easily.

Foundation Matching Tip

While shopping if you are already in make up and need to test foundation color, do not worry; you may test it on your neck or inner arm. Because the skin tone in these areas are very much matching with the face as compared to hand or any other part of the body. The judgment will be more accurate in this way.

Blushing Tip

How to find the best spot to bluish? I tell you, smile widely and note the place where your cheek skin rise in round shape, this is the accurate place for blushing looking very much natural.

Concealing Tip

Concealer is used to fade up some unwanted spots on the face and needs to be long lasting for perfect impression. Don’t use too much concealer at a time; the best way is to apply its more layers one by one using small quantity.

Oily Skin Toner Tip

If you have oily skin, take care while using toner that it should not contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out the skin blocking impurities under surface. Toner containing AHA’s are more helpful to smooth the texture of skin.

Oily Skin Moisturizer Tip

For oily skin always use minimum moisturizer or abstain completely if possible. Overuse of moisturizer on oily skin results in sliding away makeup and looking very odd.

Make up Kit Optimizing Tip

Take out your all make up items and analyze ruthlessly. Throw out anything more than two years old, producing musty odor, liquids have separated or looking any thing dirty, old brushes or sponges. You will have to purchase some new items but in this way your make up kit will be fully optimized and up to date to meet all the beauty challenges.

Tighten your Breast

It is fact that primarily breasts are made up of fat instead of muscles. Physical exercise can make your muscles strong and tight but no matter how long or hard you exercise you perform it cannot firm up fat. The advantage of exercise remains as, firming up the pectoral muscles under the breasts can give your breasts a little lift and make them more visible and attractive. We can’t turn back past time and undo the ravages of years or gravity, but there are still a few natural ways to tighten breasts a little and help you feel sexy. There are seven natural ways including change in your lifestyles, some specifics exercises and home recipes to firm up the breasts as mentioned here:-
Cut Extra Pounds-Reduce Weight Belly and breasts have the beauty when belly is in and breasts are out visible. To make the breasts more visible, try to make your belly from fat to flat. And it is possible if tried. Weight loss also helps reducing your breast fat making them firm to bring in cup size.
  •  Swim as Much as you can..
As it is known that pectoral muscles building is great helpful to uplift your boobs and make them visible. Swimming is the best exercise and technique to develop pectoral muscles. It also helps to reduce weight and strengthen your heart with other health benefits. Exercise Pushups to Develop Pectoral Muscles... Pushup exercise has great effect to develop pectoral muscles but normally ignored in gyms. The best technique of doing pushup exercise is to place your hands under your shoulders and the balls of your feet on the ground keeping your body straight like a rod. Exhale breath during body lifting and inhale while folding your elbows. If you can not lift the whole weight of your body the same exercise may also be done by placing your knees on the ground instead of feet, it is quite easy way.
  •  Forearm Pull Exercise... 
Another supportive exercise is forearm pull. In this exercise grip your forearms with opposite hands, keeping your forearms griped, stretch your arms away from your body. In this way you feel a pull under your arms, keep your hands held in this position for five to 10 seconds then release. Minimum 10 repetitions required. The Finger Curl Exercise.. In front of your chest interlock your fingers of both hands with each other and pull hard to the sides. Pull and hold it for 5-10 seconds, you will feel pull in upper chest and in your shoulders too, if you are performing it in right way. Arm Circling Exercise... It is very simple and effective exercise to help developing your pectoral muscles and giving your breasts uplift. In this exercise make 10 circles moving your arms forward and them make 10 circles backward. Repeat the exercise two to three times.
  •  Home made Recipe for Emergency Need... 
Mix well 1tsp of Vitamin E, 1tsp simple yogurt and an egg and make a paste. Massage your breasts with the paste and wait for 20 minutes keeping the paste on your breasts. You may also wear bra after applying paste to keep your clothes safe from stains. After half an hour take a Luke warm bath to wash the paste off and you will find your breasts skin firm and uplifted. This technique is wonderful to meet emergency requirements.

Reducing Weight Loss

Times have changed and today everyone wants to lose weight and get more fit. Some people take the route of dieting and exercising while others target areas of the body they wish to improves. Most people are focused to reducing weight on their thighs, buttocks and hips, especially females. How do you target these specific body parts without losing weight everywhere? Is it workable? Listed below are some great tip on reducing weight in these specific body part
If your main goal is to reduce weight on your buttocks, you may be in for quite a task. Only some women need to lose weight only on their buttocks and not on their hips or thighs. In general these 3 areas tend to go together when it comes to gaining or losing weight. There really are no exercises that will target ONLY the buttocks. This is actually something good as it ensures that you keep your entire body in proportion. As I stated: they all kind of work together. Undertaking a good program that incorporates strength training, cardio workouts and proper food intake will be very effective for reducing weight on these three parts of your body. Working on the muscles of your legs is the first step towards losing weight on your butt, thighs and hips. With powerful legs you can burn more calories thereby enabling you to reduce weight. Losing weight is directly proportional to the number of calories you burn. Therefore, it’s very important to choose exercises that will work on your thigh and butt muscles. Although you may not be able to actually see these muscles until you’ve lost some fat, they’re still there. Exercising. The best way to reduce weight on your thighs and buttocks is by performing strength training exercises. Exercises that focus cardiovascular system will help you to reduce your weight by making your stronger and allowing you to burn more calories. Choose from one of the many options such as jogging, cycling, swimming etc. This way you will take pleasure in your work out and be able to do it longer. It’s important that you be consistent. It is usual to feels some pain in your muscles for the first couple of days. If you let this discourage you, you’ll be starting over from scratch each time you begin the program again. Provided you’re not overdoing it in the beginning, your muscles being sore means they’re working for you. Dieting... As important as exercising is for losing weight on your hips, thighs and buttocks, what you eat is also important. The main cause why people become overweight is from taking in more calories than they can burn. The reason they become fat and out of shape is from lack of exercise. It is therefore easy to see that to lose weight and get back in shape you will need to focus on both exercise and diet. Making a low-calorie diet part of your daily life will be the most important step in your weight loss goals. By consuming lesser calories every day, you’ll have fewer to burn off. Alongwith the reduction in fat the exercises will tone your body and firm your hips, thighs and butt. You’ll find many diets on the market today. There is no need to invest in an expensive diet plan to lose the weight you want. As the old saying goes: It’s not what you eat but how much you’re eating and when you’re eating it..... Simply reduce the quantity of what you’re consuming and you’ll be taking in fewer calories. The lesser calories you consume, the easier it will be to lose fat and get your hips, thighs and buttocks in shape. Be sure that you have a healthy diet to make sure that you have lots of energy. Fruits, vegetables and plenty of water will be a great help for you in your quest to reduce weight. Remember that healthy diet will help you have more energy, which will make exercising easier.....

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For Diet Rules for women

So what’s the message for women ­trying to lose weight?” asks ­Marcelle Pick, nurse practitioner and author of The Core Balance Diet. “That you’re doomed, and—good luck?” Pick thinks the story is more nuanced and not as grim as all that, but she’s not surprised when ­people are disheartened, particularly in the wake of a study published last ­October in The New England Journal of ­Medicine, the ­latest and most telling blow against the ­notion that American women in their ­twenties, whose average weight climbed about 30 pounds from 1960 to 2000, could slim back down with just a little more will­power. In that study, conducted at the Univer­sity of Melbourne in Australia, subjects who lost more than 10 percent of their body weight experienced a corresponding change in ­crucial appetite-regulating ­hormones such as leptin—and they ­never returned to normal levels during the remainder of the yearlong research periods. Why is that such a big deal? Produced by fat cells, leptin tells your brain’s hypo­thalamus whether your body’s energy reserves are sufficient. Low leptin signals that you need to build up your fat stores, and your brain orchestrates a response—“I’m hungry!”—to compel you to regain weight, even if that’s the last thing your conscious mind wants as you endeavor to maintain post-diet weight losses+ .
Or consider a study that will likely come out later this year. Eric Ravussin, PhD, a leading weight researcher at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, measured the contestants on TV’s The Biggest Loser and found their leptin levels to be in the tank (six had levels that didn’t even register on the standard measurement test)—which means the odds are their hunger pangs will be so intense that they’ll qualify for The Biggest Regainer in a few years. The physiological affront is actually a one-two punch. After significant weight loss, not only does our hunger increase but our metabolism slows, so we hold on that much more tightly to each calorie we consume. Researchers at Columbia University have found that people who, like those in the Melbourne study, lose at least 10 percent of total body weight burn 300 fewer calories a day on average than they did before the weight came off. (No one has looked at the metabolic effects of milder weight loss.) So at the same time that your brain is ordering you to eat more, you must eat less to maintain that slimmed-down physique. The woman who goes from 170 to 130 pounds through assiduous dieting and exercise may look just like her friend who’s always weighed 130—same shape, same percentage of body fat—but inside, her “fat brain” is still doing everything in its power to send her body back to Fatville. Hence the dirty not-so-little secret of weight loss: It’s not that hard to lose weight— motivated dieters do it all the time—but maintaining that loss is a bitch, with success rates as low as 2 percent or as “high” as 20 percent, depending on which studies you choose to believe.
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