Saturday, 17 March 2012

Removing nail Polish

The best way to remove polish is to place cotton on an orangewood stick, and douse it in remover. This implement will give you the most control since you want to make sure to removed your polish with getting as little remover as possible on the cuticle.
Choosing a Nail Polish Remover There are many different kinds of removers from which to choose. Those containing acetone take off the polish quickly but can dehydrate your cuticles. You might want to go this route if you are trying to remove bold, deep or bright shades of nail lacquer. Non-acetone removers take longer to remove polish but dry the nail and cuticle as well. Gel remover is the best moisturizing remover, but the flip side is that it takes a while to actually remove the polish. Sometimes, your best bet is to go with an acetone-based remover that contains hydrating oils, such as lavender or aloe vera. These types of oils help neutralize the dry effects of the acetone. At the same time they may cut down on the strong odor of the remover.

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