Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Russian Fash

Russian celebrities love him so much they don’t mind wearing his creations twice or the same design somebody else has already worn :) His signature style is metallic fabrics,or so don’t be surprised with the amount of it. Some girls you may know were also spotted wearing Chapurin on a red carpet: namely Sheryl Cole and Kelly Rowland,
Snobs may say “Haute Couture is only in Paris, my dear”, etc. But if you already have a luxury line, like Chapurin does, how do you call one that’s even more exclusive, expensive and made by skilled artisans’ hands?
As the red carpet season is in full swing I did a little bit of research to present you with a different perspective on Russian style. I don’t suppose you are in the least bit interested in Russian celebs; the spotlight of this post is on Russian designers that are red carpet worthy.
Fashion Mind is both a style and inspiration blog by Nataly Romashko, a make up artist and stylist from St Petersburg. Apart from posting her own looks she writes about everything beautiful and unusual, from cabbage dresses to Britney Spears.its a good and use in reality
S/S 2012 collection, shown at Ukrainian Fashion Week, was inspired by nature. Drapes resemble waterfalls, skewed cut reminds us that symmetry is artificial and the blue-grey color palette offset by bright red evokes the feeling of serenity. Fabrics used in this collection are light like a breath and will sure keep you cool during the summer heat. I’m always amazed at how beautiful asymmetry can be sometimes but it is also what makes achieving good fit more difficults. Christina has an exceptional talent for constructing clothes and her collections are both sophisticated and versatile.

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