Saturday, 17 March 2012

Better And Butter fFash

’m not talking about a post-binge bulge. I’m talking about Butter nail collection. The polishes are rich and long lasting, (like a Mario Batali meal) but the soufflé of the line is the cuticle cream. You needn’t butcher your hands with cuticle cutters anymore. Like a fine pastry chef, you can achieve palatable perfection with a bit of en place (that’s preparation)! TJ Kelly, Butter’s Chef de Cuisine, gave us his recipe for success:
Favorite colors are ”Marrow” a deep purple custom mixed for design duo Vena cava and “All hail McQueen” a tribute color to the late Alexander McQueen. A pinch of polish and a dash of color, and you really can eat YOUR butter, and wear it too....! As Julia once said, “If you’re afraid of Butter, use [cuticle] cream.”

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