Saturday, 17 March 2012

Four Brush you need to look like a pro

I wonder if Nixon was aware of the morning crisis that occurs when trying to apply eyeshadow without the proper tools. Luckily, I recognized this opportunity to share with you my favorite brushes that I use each and every morning to apply my own face. You only need a few, and if you invest in a good set now, they will last you ten times as long as their cheaper counterparts. Like any good presidential reform … spend now to hopefully save later mostly
A soft fluffy brush that’s tapered and rounded at the tip can be used to gently shade and blend the crease line with shadow powder of makeup
This is a great two-in-one brush for applying powdered eyeliner and also brow powder to enhance sparse or uneven eyebrows. The slanted edge will help create clean, thin lines along the eyelid. For a more defined line, wet the brush before dipping it into the powder. For a smoky look, use a dry brush and blend outwards.

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